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It is the mission of CAPCIL, in partnership with community stakeholders, to empower low-income persons and other vulnerable populations of all ages, through the creation and implementation of poverty-fighting initiatives for those in crisis and those seek a life lasting independence. 

Business Growth

Our Principle Beliefs


The CAPCIL community has made a commitment to embracing a growth mindset.  Here are a few of our core values that will guide and steer the strategic activities our of team and customers over the next three years.

  • We believe that each individual is responsible for, and capable of, charting his or her own course .

  • We recognize that growth produces wins, but growth also brings growing pains. We accept both!

  • We believe that we're a product of our decisions, not our circumstances.

  • We believe that changing and/or expanding our sphere of influence is unavoidable in order to grow.

  • We choose to meet our challenges with curiosity, assuming that we're missing something in our understanding.

  • We contend that building qualifications help, but growing characteristics helps more!

  • We place value on what we generate, not the quantity of hours spent doing so.

  • We believe that prosperity is a destination, and growing  is a journey.   You have to love the journey!

  • We believe that these values are not separate and apart from our most important value of changing people's lives with compassion, dignity and respect.

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