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Personal & Community Development



Life Coaching


for Families

We believe that everyone is capable of achieving extraordinary things - no matter your age, education, or abilities. Our Personal Development Coaches work with you weekly on overcoming obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals and dreams. Our Coaches work specifically with our Head Start, Early Head Start, Hand Up Project, and Strengthening Working Families Initiative families. Contact your local CAPCIL office to meet with a Coach today!


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After going through a period of extreme poverty and several Strategic Planning sessions with the CAPCIL Leadership Team, Former CEO, Alison Rumler-Gomez began the development and authorship of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Tool called GrowMe. This tool is now in full implementation under CAPCIL's Personal & Community Development Department. 

Small Business Coalition

Focus & Purpose

  • Promote & grow small businesses

  • Create jobs & new opportunities

  • Share vision of economic development strategy

  • Support & provide networking

Meeting Room
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