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Scholarship Recipients "Metamorphosis'"

After graduating from high school in 2007, Bethany Cisco did like most recent graduates and went on to attend college. Soon after she realized that she was not mature enough to handle school and decided to put all her focus on work.

During her break from school she become a single mom of two children which brought on the fear and anxiety of how she would provide for her family. This journey would be what helped her discover who she was and who she wanted to be. Rather than allowing fear to limit her, she used it as motivation.

With a longtime love of science and the environment, Bethany used her new found confidence to enroll in the Conservation Biology Program at Lincoln College. Many people around her questioned her decision and her ability to take on a full time education while being a single mom. Their doubt even made her more determined to not only complete her degree but to get good grades. She earned a spot on the President's Honor Roll list and became a member of the National Society for Leadership and Academic Success. She is now enrolled at University of Illinois-Springfield majoring in Biology.

Her studies have given her new respect for living things and the protection of the environment for future generations. She strives to be a "strong female scientist", provide a life for her family without government assistance, and to allow her children unrestricted dreams. " I hope to one day to show my children how important it is to make a difference and create positive change for the betterment of the world. A major component of why I want to complete my degree and obtain a career is to give myself the ability to give back to the programs, such as community action, that have helped me in accomplishing my dreams." Said Cisco

This scholarship awarded through the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) is covering the part of her tuition and books required for her classes.

Written by: Breann Titus, Director of Agency Development

(context from customer's personal essay and testimony)

*Pictured: Nicole Wilder, CAPCIL's Lead Personal Development Coach and Scholarship Recipient, Bethany Cisco.

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